Title: Einmal rund um die Sonne
Medium: CD
released: February 10, 1990
by SPV/1st rec.  
recorded at: MTS-Studio, Albstadt
produced by: K.G.B.
engineered & mixed by: Tom Krüger
Cover Art: Jose Tejada
Lineup: Hannes Koerber - Vocals
Uli Gross - Guitar, Vocals
Lampe - Bass
Ralf Wettemann - Drums, Vocals

01. Einmal rund um die Sonne
02. Der Traummann
03. Ein kleiner Schritt
04. Kontrollverlust
05. Waldheims Pudel
06. Euskadi (Baskenland)
07. Herzlich willkommen
08. Dein nasser Kuß
09. Alles im Griff G.mbH.
10. Mein Tod

The 1990-album "Einmal rund um die Sonne" was the latest release with the almost-six-year-line-up of Hannes, Uli, Lampe and Ralf. SPV had signed them with their again self-produced album and sent them on tour with bands like The Toy Dolls, Abstürzende Brieftauben and Dimple Minds.
What's remarkable is the title-track, which is about life in prison, Ein kleiner Schritt, however, is the most personal song on the album - it's about the suicide of a friend: Another song, Euskadi, is about touring in the Basque Country. Der Traummann, about the german John Walsh, Eduard Zimmermann, was produced as their 2nd video by Bertie Schwarz and was shown on RTL and Tele 5.

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