Title: Korrupt Gierig Bestechlich
Medium: CD, LP
released: August 12, 1996
by ESP  
recorded at: Hit City Studio, Indianapolis
produced by: Hannes Koerber
engineered by: Mark Kocher
mixed by: Roman Schönsee
Cover Art: Peter Puck
Lineup: Hannes Koerber - Vocals
"Big Danny" Thompson - Guitar
Vezz Ruthenberg - Guitar
Bruce Stuckey - Guitar
Eric Anderson - Guitar
Merle Griggs - Guitar
David "Tufty" Clough - Bass
J.J. Pearson - Drums, Vocals
Marc Cutzinger - Drums, Vocals

01. Mein Herz knurrt los
02. Korrupt gierig bestechlich
03. Sein oder Dichtsein
04. Kraut Gringo Blitzkrieg
05. Sperminator
06. Wie mies
07. Sendermüll
08. Die Welt ist schön
09. Wodka und Gerechtigkeit
10. Heimkind
11. Perlen vor die Säue
12. Lass dich nicht hängen
13. Mittendrin
14. Rosenkavalier

Bonus-Track: 15. Wie lange noch

1997 was a year with financial problems for K.G.B., mainly because everybody except Hannes had left town. Then came an offer from old buddies Toxic Reasons to help him out. Korrupt Gierig Bestechlich was recorded in roughly one week in Indianapolis, but features some of the finest songs the band had ever written and recorded, such as Mein Herz knurrt los, Sperminator, Rosenkavalier or Wie Mies. Big Danny, Tufty, Cutzinger and Eric even flew in to promote the album on a German tour together with Elf and The Vibrators.

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