Title: Restmüll
Medium: CD
released: February 8, 1995
by Impact  
recorded at: Factory of Audio Arts, Aichtal
produced by: Hannes Koerber
engineered & mixed by: Roman Schönsee
Cover Art: Peter Puck
Lineup: Hannes Koerber - Vocals
Marco Richard - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Zalamann - Bass
Mitsch Bok - Drums
(Tracks 1,3,4,9,12,16,18)
Hannes Koerber - Vocals
Dietschek - Guitar
Thomas Mattheis - Bass
Markus Specht - drums
(Track 10)
Hannes Koerber - Vocals
Uli Gross - Guitar
Lampe - Bass
Ralf Wettemann - Drums
(Tracks 2,5,6,7,8,13,14,15,17,19)

01. Alles ist erlaubt (Johannisnacht)
02. Holiday in Basqueland
03. Berufstourist
04. Comicfigur
05. Pay for Hell
06. Out of Control
07. Traummann
08. Born Blond
09. Kleine Mädchen
11. (Heilig ist) Der kleinste Samen
12. Letzte Bestellung
13. Einmal rund um die Sonne
14. Free World
15. Mein Tod
16. Ziemlich am Ende
17. Getting away with Murder
18. Party Sahne
19. Down in the Hole

In the midst of the 90's, after several lineup-changes, the new K.G.B. prepared itselve once again for a self-organized European Tour -- with their old mates Toxic Reasons from Indianapolis.
Restmuell features new songs with a more heavy attitude like Berufstourist and Ziemlich am Ende along with seven new arrangements of older standards like Party Sahne, Comic Figur and Kleine Mädchen, as well as a shitload of English versions of songs from Einmal rund um die Sonne and the Red Album that never were released. Once again Bertie Schwarz lent K.G.B. his services and produced a video clip for Berufstourist - a song about homeless people.

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