Title: K.G.B. (selftitled)
Medium: CD
released: June 21, 1987
by Starving Missile  
recorded at: practice room
produced by: K.G.B.
engineered & mixed by: Lampe
Cover Art: Peter Puck, Hannes Koerber
Lineup: Hannes Koerber - Vocals, Guitar
Uli Gross - Guitar, Vocals
Lampe - Bass
Ralf Wettemann - Drums

01. M.I.K.
02. Comic Figur
03. Eckstein
04. 10.000 Lichtjahre
05. Letzte Bestellung
06. Freie Welt
07. Zündschnur
08. Born Blond
09. Deutschland
10. Nichts zu trinken
11. Strychnin
12. Ratten
13. Johannisnacht
14. Ich kann mich nicht erinnern
15. Großstadtträume
16. Kleine Mädchen
CD-Bonus-tracks: 17. Ballroom Blitz
18. Napalm
19. Nichts zu ficken
20. Party Sahne
21. Sekt ist kaltgestellt

K.G.B.'s first album was released in 1986 - not at home, but in California, coinciding with their first coast to coast US-tour. At that point the band had kicked out a couple of 7"s and tapes, but basically didn't give a flying fuck about recordings. Instead, they earned themselves a name in the Underground by being one of the busiest touring bands from Germany. The self-produced "Red Album" was released by Mike Just from Starving Missile Records in Munich, who also had done the Party Sahne EP two years before and would do another 7" a year later. Anthems like Letze Bestellung, Freie Welt, Johannisnacht or Born Blond still belong to their live set.

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