You feel so strong
when you wear your combat boots
but without your costume
who would look at you
You dress different from the straights
you think you’re so free
the truth is that the system’s
got your number, believe me

I try to be me
you want us all to look the same
you cheat the wrong people
and no one wins the game
Governments and multinationals
rob us all blind
and laugh while you get pissed
out of your mind

You slur and you brag
of revolution and punk
pretending to be strong
you think you’re out in front

You put on studs and leather
spiking your hair
you strut in your costume
but you’re going nowhere
An evening’s concert
and after the big brawl
when you have enough to drink
you give it your all

Just hate is not enough
you smash up your own scene
you gave up long time ago
but I still have a dream
With friends like you
what do I need enemies for
your head’s so full of bullshit
there’s room for nothing more

You brag and you slur
of revolution and punk
while pretending you’re the tough guy
life’s already passed you by

© 1988, unreleased

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