03 M.I.C.
(Military and Industry)

War on the ground, war in the air
German weapons everywhere
Our tanks on their way
everywhere in the world today
To Iran for Khomeini
weapons made in Germoney
a Messerschmidt-manager grins
"we lost the war, but investment wins"

But what is going on today
who is the hunter, who's to pay
It's something you can't run away
the bomb is here to stay

Pistol plants and luger fiends
Mercedes, Krupp and other means
Government says: "we need jobs
don't care about those third-world-mobs"
The western world can't get enough
our army trucks have proved their stuff
Bullets kill being shot or not
others die in a faraway plot

War on the ground, war in the air
IBM credit-affair
the German banks and our cash
turn the third world into trash
Military and industry
Siemens-know-how, where are we
M.T.U.-manager grins
we lost the war, investment wins

(translated by Joe Zacharias and Mick the Kick)

© 1987, unpublished

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