He’s sitting on the stairs
so what, he don’t care
so pissed, can’t even stand
his head in his hands
A bottle in a sack
a fucked-up sorry wreck
he tries to make his way
might manage it by Tuesday

He gives a casual glance
"Hey man, give me a chance
help me to the next bar
I’m thirsty, got no car"

I pull him to his feet
God, why always me
we go out on the town
I buy a lot of rounds
I feel real done in
this asshole gets his second wind
two sweet chicks at the bar
I’ve paid for all so far

He glances casually
asks what’s wrong with me
"Don’t shed any tears
just order four more beers"

I’m sitting all alone
looks like today is done
so pissed that I can’t stand
my head in my hands
Given everything away
really down today
like to make my way
maybe by Tuesday

No-one tells me
"Hey man, come with me"
I’m sitting all alone
no chick, no beer, no home

(translated with the help of Joe Zacharias and Mick the Kick)

© 1987, unreleased

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