A hammer at your temples
gluey yellow eyes
you still can't get up
after two feeble tries
Shaking like crazy
in a fever of cold sweat
your hands are numb and clammy
and your legs are made of lead
Spots before your eyes
short of breath and dizzy
find the Pepto-Bismol
cause your stomach's in a tizzy
That very first pull
really has you lit
everything's OK
no blood in your spit

Friday pissed, Sunday tanked
Monday plastered, Tuesday tight
anonymous you roam
more and more alone
such a sorry sight

Jump-start your motor
into overdrive
rage and horror
what a soggy life
The balance between
the abyss of excess
and the shakes of not-enough
you've always been a mess
The expected colic
won't make your life much brighter
the days are just as long
but some are tighter
You'd better stop drinking
is what the doctor said
went to another
he gave you the same rap

In sober fact
this madness has to stop
train of thought derailed
another daily flop
Compulsive drinking
out of control
you know it'll do you in
but it sooths your soul
The DTs are what
give you such a fright
a nip or dawn-lit session
the bottle gulps you every night
Mornings Lord of the Rings
face as white as talc
sticky with cold sweat
after hours without alc

© 1995

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