What did despair do to you
chased, cheated, stuck like glue
So many times you tried before
but you could never ever even up the score

Life will never be the same
no point in your trying
time for you to give-up lying
Will you spin
before you hit the ground?

Your brain does what it wants with you
no more living left to do
Bombed-out nightmares you've been through
A little step and no way back
throw away this living wreck
One last step towards self-respect

Your future ended long ago
disrobed faceless forms below
Your pulse pounds with Thorazine
Your teeth are clenched
your nerves scream

They tell you it's a crime
but you should have the right
to pay for hell
when cure is out of sight
One more drag of cigarette smoke
wet sweat, condemned to hope

What has despair turned you into
what has changed what once seemed true?
Cut too shallow, too few pills
gas, gun, nothing kills

The circle flows, don't have no fear
says a distant inner voice unclear
Instead of one you smoked them all
pack is empty, last call

A little jolt, will someone mourn
the very last time you feel alone
Might've been better
not to have been born

A line of pictures rushes by
so many tears, your eyes are dry
God damn'it
kiss this life goodbye

© 1995

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